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Get the most out of your audio with a custom mix and master. We take a hybrid approach; utilizing the highest grade analog outboard gear with cutting edge software and AI powered audio tools.

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Production has always been at the forefront of RPR Music. For over two decades,Dorian Besson has been producing beats and writing/recording songs in genres ranging from Hip Hop, RnB, Reggae/Dancehall, Pop and Jazz. In recent years he has broadened the sonic scope;incorporating sound scape and sound design elements.



Our flagship studio, Subdecibel Sound, is a professionally constructed and acoustically treated recording and production facility. We utilize classic analog microphones and outboard pre amps to capture exactly what you hear in the room.  

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Subdecibel Sound is boutique recording and production facility located in the heart of Willimsburg, Brooklyn.The studio philosophy is immediacy and ease while maintaining the highest sonic quality.We do so by marrying the finest analog hardware with innovative and invaluable digital tools in the computer environment.

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